When it comes to breeding sable, Gravelotte is where it all began. In 1930, it is thought that there was a population of around 20,000 sable in the Gravelotte area. As a change in land use took over, combined with unregulated hunting, the sable population dropped to 800 animals in 1985. In the same year, the Gravelotte Sable Study Group (GSSG) was formed with the objective of reversing the declining sable population.

In 2011, the sable population in the Gravelotte area alone was over 1900.

The GSSG gave rise to Gravelotte Wild Produsente (GWP). We are a proud collaboration of game farmers from in and around Gravelotte, Limpopo. Gravelotte Wild Produsente is well known for its exceptional, hardy, adaptable animals and has proven service in the industry since its inception. Since then, we have grown to the largest compliment of game breeders in South Africa. Currently, 50 active members are part of GWP – with a diversity of its members, comes a diversity of game species and genetics. Furthermore, it gives diversity of thought, ideas and visions.


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